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Our Mission

The mission of JSOF is to raise the awareness of Sarcoidosis and its health issues through educational campaigns for all. It is also designed to strengthen patient/physician relationships, provide support through actual group meetings, online and via telephone, and empower sufferers to become advocates for themselves, thus helping patients to cope while dealing with Sarcoidosis over long periods of time.

Janine, or nineepoo, as she was affectionately called since birth. This nickname was given to her by her dad. He gave her his name; Foyia Janine. His is Foy Jerome. Janine is the third girl child of six siblings. When she was born, we all knew she was going to be a boy, because “what are the odds or having three girls in a row”?

Janine grew into a beautiful, young and intelligent lady, married, the mother of two beautiful children; a daughter Morgan, who was nine at the time of her demise and a son Brandon, who was three years of age.

Janine was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis by her Dermatologist in 1999. She developed small lesions on the right side of her face. This sent her to the Dermatologist who did a biopsy. “Sarcoidosis”

What is this Sarcoidosis? We got information from the internet. She was placed under the care of her physician’s family practice group. We were told that she was fine, and to continue life as normal, but continue to see her doctor on a regular basis. This she did. In 2000 she began to have various symptoms, that we know now were associated with Sarcoidosis. Each time she went to see the doctor, she was diagnosed with everything but symptoms from Sarcoidosis, such as allergies, rhinitis, pneumonia, etc. In 2001 she began to have shortness of breath, sharp pains in her shoulder…down her left arm, she was told to exercise at work, because these pains were caused by typing on the computer, (especially since she was left handed) coughing up blood, losing weight, and lesions in her mouth. Again, the doctors missed the diagnosis. Finally, in January 2002 she was referred to a Chest Internist.

She was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension on February 15, 2002. Her Doctor told her that she would need a heart and double lung transplant. On February 26, 2002 she died of heart failure.

I’m in contact with others, on a daily basis, who are living with this disease. Some have severe complications (damage to double lung and other vital organs), some go into remission. Let’s talk about it, share information, and support! You are not alone!

Disclaimer: All information on Janine Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation is for your personal use only. It should not be used to replace your doctor’s orders, or change your medication. Always consult with your Medical care giver before trying anything new including over the counter medicines, vitamins, and natural cures.